NSU Dialup Instructions:

We do not have a help desk to individually walk each student through connecting to our NSU Internet Services.  The information below should help you properly configure your computer.  If you are having trouble connecting – see a Lab Assistant in the Ayo, Cenac, or WAC labs.

Setup the icon to dial Nicholls State University:

            Configure Dial-up Networking

                        1.            Open My Computer | Double Click Dial-up Networking | Choose Make a new Connection

                        2.            Name:    ITSLogin         | Select NEXT

                       3.            Enter the phone number 448-3502 (Off Campus) or 3971 (In Dorms)| Select NEXT

                       4.            Select FINISH

Using the dial in connection:

                        1.            Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator) or Open My Computer | Double Click Dial-up Networking | Double Click ITSLogin icon

                        2.            You will be prompted for a password – same as your password in the open computer labs.

Note:    We recommend that you DO NOT choose the option to “Save Password”.  This Internet connection is to be used only by you, the Nicholls student.

Accessing GroupWise Email:

                        1.            Open your Internet Browser and connect to the Internet

                        2.            Type: ITS.NICHOLLS.EDU in the address line and press Enter.


                        1.            Make sure you can login without any problems to an IBM/ Dell Computer in an open lab.

                        2.            Check the Status of the Dialup Access with a Lab Assistant in an open lab.

                        3.            After completing above steps and it is still not working, fill out a Dialup Problem form in an open lab.          Open Labs: 101 Ayo, 109 Powell (Cenac), WAC Lab - Library